Owl Squad

by Owl Squad

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After sitting on these songs for about half a year, we finally decided to release them to the public for our friends to enjoy. Owl Squad represents a lot of things to a lot of people. Owl Squad is an expression of youth. Owl Squad is the cry of a carefree philosophy. But most importantly, Owl Squad is about getting high in Joey's car. Fuck Gator Tang. Fuck Jeremy Mehlman. Fuck Matt Schendel.

"honestly it was only alright" -Steven Steffens


released December 3, 2013

Owl Squad is Joey Indurante, Connor Corr, and Nathan Rubinger featuring guest appearances by The Curr and Kid Blaze

Production by J Indy and Owl Squad



all rights reserved


Sable Records Chicago, Illinois

now defunct "record label" started in 2012 featuring:
~Lenin & The Bolsheviks
~Frozen Wingspan
~Owl Squad
~The Carbohydrates
~We're Bears
~J Indy
~Shepard Tones
~2 Blonde Boys (One Not Blonde Boy)

what are you gonna do, sue us?™
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Track Name: This Is Owl Squad
So you keep it three hundred
We keep it five
We ain't out here complaining
We're just happy to be alive
Spread that based word
What have you heard
Or he, or she, I said
What have they heard
Started from the middle
And we still here

And we're still there

Throw them O's up
This is Owl Squad
Track Name: What's His Name feat. Kid Blaze
So who appointed Grant Curry judge and the jury
Now, I won't say that Curry's soft and he's fury
'Cause he's tryin' to hard to get a GED
'Cause you can't get out of here without a high school degree
They wanna get their paws on Mr. Zone Two
But Curry's always evadin' the boys in blue
They're jocking on Curry's wrists
But he ain't gonna quit
So Curry hooks it up with a wink and a nod
'Cause Curry's always loyal to that Owl Squad

What's his name
His name is Grant Curry
What's his name
He'll get you in a hurry
Puffin' flame
And lookin' pretty scary
What's his name
His name is Grant Curry

All we need is knowledge
Positivity and knowlage
Track Name: His Name Is Curry
Yeah, they're all going
They're all blowing
Fucked up shit
We only want the top bitch, ain't tryin' to pipe
Fuck that, I ride around on my bike
With my tomcat
Curr got the fuckin' herb
On the fuckin' curb
All day like "Yo
What the fuck you want"
I got that killer dro
Ain't no shitty shit
Bitch, we smokin' on that killer
Yeah, bitch we smokin'
Track Name: Drivin' In My Car (Drinkin' Every Day)
Chillin', Sippin', Smokin', what

Driving in my car drinking every day
Track Name: Goodbye Owl Squad
Good bye, Owl Squad