I'm Sad. Go Figure.

by Telephonealone

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" Very catchy, even though the lyrics are kinda sad and bring you down a little." -Steven Steffens


released April 27, 2013

Written and recorded by Connor Corr



all rights reserved


Sable Records Chicago, Illinois

now defunct "record label" started in 2012 featuring:
~Lenin & The Bolsheviks
~Frozen Wingspan
~Owl Squad
~The Carbohydrates
~We're Bears
~J Indy
~Shepard Tones
~2 Blonde Boys (One Not Blonde Boy)

what are you gonna do, sue us?™
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Track Name: Chicken Nuggets
So this is how it feels to be all grown up
So no more cutting deals, the negotiations are up
So now you've left me wiser, so now you've revealed your desires
So now I'll have to fend for myself

I don't even know who I'm singing to
Track Name: Sometimes, I Think You're Too Good at Reading People (That's Why You Can't Stand Them)
You don't have the time you express how you feel in a three minute song
And you're worried if you did, it might be interpreted all wrong
So you sing in second person, so they don't know that it's you
And you feel like such an asshole every time you do

You don't have the time, yeah you left your watch at home
And I know exactly how you feel when you tell me you've been feeling alone
But you can make it if you try, I think that you might get by
Sometimes, I feel like a machine
Please tell me what's happening to me
Track Name: Chicken Fingers
I don't sleep as much as I should
I don't eat nearly as much as I could
That's just me
Eternal, ungrateful, and ugly
Everybody I've ever met's let me down
And I'm afraid I'll do the same to myself