Ah! But It Was Something To Have At Least a Choice of Nightmares

by Frozen Wingspan

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released November 3, 2012

Written and recorded by Eric Michelson



all rights reserved


Sable Records Chicago, Illinois

now defunct "record label" started in 2012 featuring:
~Lenin & The Bolsheviks
~Frozen Wingspan
~Owl Squad
~The Carbohydrates
~We're Bears
~J Indy
~Shepard Tones
~2 Blonde Boys (One Not Blonde Boy)

what are you gonna do, sue us?™
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Track Name: Four Year Disintegration
I used to think that I belonged among the stars and the sun
But now I know that I belong among the hung
I sat among the chorus of the damned as they withered
My degradation was internal, that was all that differed

I looked into the eyes of everyone except my own
Others lives were stories, but my own I had not known
We became the voiceless apparition of another
Ghouls to our own mind, but to the mass we were brothers

Four years have fostered apathy and self loathing
But now that part of my life is finally closing
To see I'm hollow you need no blind seer
But all I know is I need to leave here
Track Name: I Thought Drowning Was Supposed To Be Peaceful
I am connected to nothing and no one
Not even the earth; I am shunned by the sun
Mental supernova, I want to be dust
Take my essence away in the wind's swift gust

I never feel as though I could wake up and feel alive
Rather I feel the exhaustion painted from a long mental drive
Driving into my mind the seeds of self doubt
Doubting my ability to leave the world with anything but a whimper and a shout

Nothing I do is put to thought
Simply a reaction while my mind rots
I'm a passenger, my body is on cruise control
I long of having thought patrol.
Track Name: The Sun Sets on Tomorrow
I can't just stay here in yesterday with you
I want to wake up in tomorrow with you
Solitude doesn't mean that I'm alone
It means without you I'm lost in the drone

Wherever I am, I'm in a nightmare
I can't do nothing and sit there
You were the light I was waiting for
So bright I'll see you from another shore

Without you I will be alone in the horde
But into the depths of the dark I go toward
In the shadows I will find my own light
We'll illuminate the world when we unite