by Lenin & The Bolsheviks

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The finished, mixed, and mastered demo! Please lition.

Hoot Hoot

Review by Adam Wylder:

Lenin & The Bolsheviks are a band from Crystal Lake South, and this demo is about as youthful as a band can get. The first song starts with the joyous hum of a keyboard that gets us in the mood for the ride to come. Slowly, all the boys jump in to show us what they've got! Corr's lyrics often give us more questions than they answer, but yet they strike at the universal truth of youth. This demo also makes such a strong statement on the repetitive nature of youth. Sometimes, life seems more like a cycle of open rather than a dynamic experience. Sometimes, life seems like it's the same open chords you've heard, but it's slightly different. Sometimes, life fails to even do Smash Mouth justice. But life is about one thing, love, and this demo finishes with the ultimate statement about love and how friendship knows no cultural bound. 10.0 bnm


released August 27, 2012

Produce Isle- Percussion/Vocals

Con Con Keeks- Guitars/Vocals

Diana- Bass/Guitars

Brandon Boogaloo- Keyboards/Vocals

Recorded in like 5 hours at G&R Studios



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Sable Records Chicago, Illinois

now defunct "record label" started in 2012 featuring:
~Lenin & The Bolsheviks
~Frozen Wingspan
~Owl Squad
~The Carbohydrates
~We're Bears
~J Indy
~Shepard Tones
~2 Blonde Boys (One Not Blonde Boy)

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Track Name: Milkman! Don't Come At Midnight
I keep finding pieces of your hair

In my mouth whenever I start to care

Suddenly Im dropped off

After you've made up your mind

After Im all used up

It happens all the time

And I'm not gonna wait on you

No, I'm not gonna wait for you

I've got too many better things that I can do

Then just sit around and wait for you

aaaaahhhhhhhbhsjdgsjhaaagaaaashhhireoahhabbbaaababapbap bap bap
Track Name: GAC
Hey there buddy, watchin' your T.V.

Neglecting family responsibility

Do you know that you can count on me

For dependency and stability

I don't think you can see all the peace and tranquility

Now boys on the count of three, I want you all to follow along with me

I'm going rooftop, rooftop, everynight

I'm just tryin' to grab a blanket and enjoy a fight

I was just grabbin' some pillows, it was quite the sight

And I know, oh I know

But in the glow of the winter snow, I will never let it go

Oh no
Track Name: Walkin' On The Sun (Smashmouth cover)
*See lyrics*
Track Name: Where Is My Mind??? (Pixies cover)
*See lyrics*
Track Name: I Love Yu, Min
So tourists riding bicycles all down the highway

Finally get to move out and do it my way

I guess I'm getting tired of my situation

I guess that all I needed was some motivation

And now I'm gonna dye my hair however I please

And wear these light blue glasses that don't help me to see

I love you

It doesn't make me nervous that you're Chinese

No, it doesn't make me nervous you live across the seven seas

I would gladly help you bring our government to its knees

And supply you with anything and everything you need

And now I only pray that during World War III

That you're not the one fighting me

I love Yu

I am building the tallest tower

Let's all go on a cruise